w.bloggar – How to Fix "Unable to parse the XML response" Error

I am probably one of the few, if only people around who use w.bloggar for my blogging needs. While it is an old and outdated program, it has three essential features for me: (1) customizable edit keys (that’s how I input these coloured sections without typing in HTML code), (2) it is easy to upload images and (3) it doesn’t add bloat to the images (the images I upload are in no way, shape, or form modified by w.bloggar).

For most people, though, I would still recommend Windows Live Writer.

A few days ago, I began having problems with w.bloggar when trying to post or upload images. It would return the message: “Unable to parse the XML response.Parser Reason:Invalid at the top level”:

At first, I thought it was something funny happening at the server end of this site. I figured it would go away in a few hours. It didn’t.

Then I tried using Windows Live Writer. It worked.

Then I created a new account in w.bloggar through File -> Add Account…. This solved the problem.

For some reason, my original blog account info / setup / configuration has gone wonky. Creating a new account clears up the problem. (Of course, I still have the bother of recustomizing w.bloggar to my tastes again)

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