How to Exit Vim

Simple help on exiting Vim.


5 Minute Vim Tutorial

This tutorial won't turn you into a Vim wizard, but at least you will be able to open, navigate, edit, and save files using Vim.


Fixing Slow Boot in Windows 7

After the latest Windows 7 updates were applied, I found my computer took over 10 minutes to boot into Windows.


Security Weakness in FaceBook Login

Yes, this is posted on April 1st and, no, it is not a April Fool’s joke – except, I hope, on FaceBook’s part, otherwise it represents a serious security weakness in their login protocol.


Brother HL-3140CW Laser Printer – a Review

What I think after about one month of using the Brother HL-3140CW laser printer.

Web Tools

How to Prevent People from Displaying Your Content on Their Web Pages Inside of a Frame

Tired of having your bandwidth and content siphoned off by other websites?


Replacing the Toner Cartridge in a Brother HL-3140CW Printer

It's not difficult, but not entirely obvious either.


Can't Log into your Website

Try this if WordPress ignores your login attempts.


Using FLTK with Code::Blocks

FLTK is a easy to use, free GUI library. While Code::Blocks provides a FLTK project option, the problem is that it doesn’t work correctly.

Web Tools

WordPress Generating Core Dumps

Surprisingly, the culprit is probably PHP.

Web Tools

webpage is not found – ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND while developing Chrome Extension

This problem was observed on Windows 7 with SP1, in which Internet Explorer 10 and Google Chrome are both installed.

Ubuntu 13.04

How to Completely Uninstall / Remove the Cinnamon Desktop

Instructions for Ubuntu 13.04 running the Unity desktop on which Cinnamon was installed using either the Ubuntu Software Center or sudo apt-get on the command line.