Front-End Basics

Comments in HTML and CSS

Comments help to document and explain your code to others and your future self.


How to Add Comments to Macros

Comments are an important part of documenting your code. Adding comments to macros is quite easy, but it has to be done the right way. This works with both C and C++ compilers. The easiest way to document macros is to just add comments before or after the macro definition: // returns the larger of […]


Why I switched from Joomla! to WordPress

This website previously used Joomla! (version 1.5.x) as the backend CMS, but I switched over to using WordPress (version 3.x). The two main reasons were: Comments Ability assign an article to multiple categories Comments Comments are builtĀ into the WordPress core, but you need to install a third party plugin to allow visitors to leave comments […]