Front-End Basics

Attribute Selectors – Advanced CSS Selectors – Part 4

Learn the 7 different ways to write [attribute] selectors.

Front-End Basics

CSS Combinators – Advanced CSS Selectors – Part 3

Learn how to use CSS combinators to combine CSS selectors for more flexible and precise selection of HTML elements for styling.

Front-End Basics

CSS Specificity – Advanced CSS Selectors – Part 2

Learn to be more specific in selecting elements for styling and how to calculate the specificity of CSS selectors.

Front-End Basics

Advanced CSS Selectors – Part 1

Expand your skill set from 5 basic CSS selectors to over 50 advanced CSS selectors.

Front-End Basics

CSS – Understanding Inheritance and Default Values

Learn which CSS properties child elements inherit from their parents and what their default values are.

Web Tools

How to Prevent People from Displaying Your Content on Their Web Pages Inside of a Frame

Tired of having your bandwidth and content siphoned off by other websites?


Replacing the Toner Cartridge in a Brother HL-3140CW Printer

It's not difficult, but not entirely obvious either.

Ubuntu 13.04

Command Line Basics: Editing Files

The instructions are for Ubuntu 13.04, but should be the same for other versions.

Ubuntu 13.04

Basic Unity Interface / Desktop Tutorial

The basics of Unity are easy to pick up.

Ubuntu 13.04

How to Display Hidden Files and Folders

Learn how to display hidden files in Ubuntu 13.04 running the Unity Desktop and using the Nautilus file manager.

Ubuntu 13.04

How to Enable Multiple Workspaces

Ubuntu 13.04 set the number of workspaces to 1, learn how to up that number.

Ubuntu 13.04

How to Switch Between Workspaces

These instructions are for Ubuntu 13.04 running the Unity Desktop. They may be similar or the same for other versions, but no guarantee is made. There are three ways to switch between workspaces. Your preference will depend on how you navigate your desktop. Using the Arrow Keys Press Ctrl + Alt + <arrow key> to […]