How to Exit Vim

Simple help on exiting Vim.


5 Minute Vim Tutorial

This tutorial won't turn you into a Vim wizard, but at least you will be able to open, navigate, edit, and save files using Vim.

Ubuntu 13.04

Basic Command Line Techniques

Using the command line doesn't have to be mysterious or hard.


Understanding the differences between various Linux distro's

There are many different operating systems (OS) out there. The most commonly known being Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, and then there is that OS called Linux that people keep talking about. It is not always clear what Linux is except that it is an operating system (sometimes claimed to be better than any other […]

Ubuntu 12.04

Basic Command Line Techniques

This tutorial is for Ubuntu 12.04. It should be the same for every other version of Ubuntu and all other Linux distros, but I make no guarantee. Linux (on which Ubuntu is based) is fundamentally a command line driven operating system. While there are graphical interfaces to many of the available commands, sometimes you need […]


Why aren't there Linux Upgrades?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been playing with various Linux distros – focussing on Ubuntu based distros. After a while, you start to see how similar they all are. In fact, they are just custom tailored versions of Ubuntu (which itself is a custom version of Debian). They come with a customized GUI, have […]