WordPress – Jetpack 1.2 Broken on IE 8 and IE 9

I just updated to Jetpack 1.2 on my site and find that the Site Stats module is broken for Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9. It works fine with FireFox 7.0.1.

Here’s Site Stats as seen in IE 8 (click for larger image):

Problems are:

  1. it looks ugly, nice tables and formatting are all missing
  2. the bar graph at the top doesn’t display
  3. the Yesterday tabs do not work – clicking them does nothing
  4. while the weekly tab does work, again the formatting is ugly and broken
  5. IE 8 reports Errors on Page

It renders and functions fine in FireFox. The formatting is nice, the graphs show up, and the Yesterday tabs work. This is Site Stats as seen in FF (click for larger image):

If you use IE 8 as your primary browser (since my main computer still runs Windows XP) or IE 9, I cannot recommend upgrading to Jetpack 1.2.

All problems (that I saw) with Site Stats appear to be fixed as of 22-December-2011.

Update: Version 1.2.1 was released later today. Site Stats is still broken in IE 8 and IE 9.

Update (19-Nov-2011), applies to 1.2.1: I’m noticing that while the formating of Site Stats definitely looks fine in FireFox 7.0.1, the bar chart (reddish zone) doesn’t display when clicking on Site Stats on the from the left hand column (marked in red). I don’t remember this problem with with 1.2, so something may have broken with the update from 1.2 to 1.2.1. The bar charts do come up when clicking on the Days, Weeks, or Months tabs (marked in green): (click for a larger image)

Update (22-November-2011): Site Stats is now displaying correctly. Since I haven’t installed any updates, my best guess is that the Site Stats page was not being generated locally but by on the WordPress server and they have fixed their problems. As well, the bar graph comes up correctly in FireFox 7.0.1.

Update (25-November-2011): Site Stats is not working – again. This time, the values it is showing me are incorrect. Most of the stat values are too small (about 1/7th of the expected value) – although, some are too big. As well, the Summary Tables show stats going back to December-2009 – this is impossible, this site only got powered by WordPress in March-2011. sigh. I hope they get this fixed.

The At A Glance bar chart displays the correct values (for now).


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