Ubuntu 12.04

How to Boot Directly to the Desktop

These instructions are for Ubuntu 12.04 running the Unity interface. They may be the same or similar for different versions of Ubuntu, or using a different (GNOME based) GUI interface, but no guarantee is made. When you install Ubuntu, one of the options you are given is whether to automatically login (go directly to your […]

Ubuntu 12.04 Server

How to Install a GUI

Just because you have installed Ubuntu Server doesn't mean you are stuck with the Linux console. This article takes a look at available GUIs and groups them by how much disk space they take up.

Ubuntu 12.04

Installing the Cinnamon Desktop

NOTE: For Cinnamon to work, your system must provide 3D hardware acceleration. If your system does not have 3D hardware acceleration, you will only see the “traditional” GNOME desktop. This is a limitation of GNOME 3 (on which Cinnamon is built). According to gnome.org: GNOME Shell uses relatively primitive 3D capabilities that have been available […]

Ubuntu 12.04

Replacing the Unity Interface

Starting with Ubuntu 11.10, Canonical has made the Unity interface / Desktop the default one. Canonical has done a poor job explaining the Unity interface (I think they should have some sort of script that walks you through the interface on a new install) and this leaves many people bewildered by the new interface. Unity […]


Ubuntu 11.10 – How to Completely Uninstall / Remove the Lubuntu Desktop

These instructions are for Ubuntu 11.10 on which the Lubuntu Desktop was installed using either the Ubuntu Software Center or sudo apt-get on the command line. The instructions may be the same for other versions, but no guarantee is made. When the Lubuntu Desktop is installed in Ubuntu 11.10, it installs several additional packages and […]